We have moved. Again.

Not far, just down a unit. The phone number and address are still the same, but it gives us a different configuration. This is mainly to do with us no longer attending shows, which means we don't need to hold the big stock boxes.

Down side is its taken us a couple of weeks so we are currently a little behind (about two weeks) so if you
are waiting for your order that will be the reason! However, because we are not casting stock, we have more time to deal with orders, so we should see an improvement (although we do just seem to be busier!) in the long term.

Meanwhile, we are just looking at reconstructing the stock database, including merging the potwar and modern
categories. This is because we were finding a lot of old Cold War equipment is still in service (so in the modern category) and people were having trouble finding some things.

And more new stuff is on the way - Cold War East German and Canadian infantry, Swedish PBV302 (see the WIP in the modern forum here!), Chinese Warlords (see the WW1 forum for details!), new Leopard 1A1 turret... ah, so much to