New Releases.
Our designer has excelled himself! As we mentioned last month, we were expecting a few new figures. We got the lot in one go! We have all the Feudal Scots - Archers, spearmen, Pikes for Flodden, Highlanders with Glaive, Command and cavalry. Plus the dismounted Men at Arms, French Gendarmes and Horses and French Men-at-Arms and Coustilliers. Should keep me busy for a while.
We will also be releasing the latest Campaign Guide - Honour and Fortune -a guide to the Mahratta Wars.

We have just completed re-moulding the AUS figure range and have re-modelled the cavalry whilst we were doing it. Starting the French (FRE) codes next. We are also finishing the draft of the next Campaign Guide - The German Army of the Franco-Prussian War and, later in the month, we should be getting the first of the WW1 Russians.

We are also finally getting around to sorting out the flags. We have added 50 new photos and 30 new flag sets (all 15mm of course!)