We have sold a fair chunk of our WW2 ranges to Seawulf - the chap who owns the 1/2400 ships. He has a strong interest in Early WW2 and the Desert campaigns and that's all, so he will be selling the parts of the ranges that don't interest him. He will be coming in to the factory from time to time to help with casting and moulding and we will continue to cast the ranges under licence.

Cristino and French Foreign Legion artillery crews, together with the Carlist marching in shell jacket, plus the Cristino Hussars join the Carlist War range this month, together with new versions of the M3A1 Stuart/Honey for the Western Desert.
'Yellow Ribbon' rules for the American West have been slightly delayed as someone forgot about the QRS to go with the rules.....

Currently, we are working on the WW2 British A9 CS the Crusader CS and the M11/39 for the Italians. Due soon are the KAR for East Africa and some guns for the same theatre. Watch this space!

Keep your heads down and keep safe, and – go explore!!
Chas and Geoff