Yes, Salute is once more upon us and, with us moving to mail order only and, as a consequence, able to work with much less stock.... and so a smaller unit... and so we can save money, and pass that on to you!

From midnight on Friday 17th April (UK time) right through to midnight on 26th April we are offering you a 15% discount... off EVERYTHING. That's right, TSS Freikorp, QRF, the lot!

With everything now in one website*, you should find it so much easier to buy even more of what you want... and some things you didn't even know you wanted!

(*The QRF site is currently in maintenance while we sort the merger. In time we will re-direct the URL so it doesn't matter if you go to, or you will end up at the same site. Behind the scenes, it's still the same people, and emails SHOULD still be coming to me!)