Rail Gun playtest version updated

I have updated the playtest version of my spaceship wargame RAIL GUN. Changes to the game are numerous—it’s a different game than when I released the first version.
Players who have already bought the playtest version will find their files updated. Anyone who wants to come aboard now gets the playtest version and will get all the updates, including the final game.
Only $1.99 from the Vault.
Available HERE

The playtest version includes:

Ship data charts
Rules for crew quality, vector movement, and fire combat
Two starter scenarios
Space ship counters so you can play without models

Rules in development include:

Fighters and carrier operations
Planets and orbiting
Boarding actions
Campaign play
Lots more ships

RAIL GUN is a medium-complexity game of space ship combat. Dice rolls are done with D6s.
Measurements are in inches or centimeters.

Crew quality plays a big role, affecting movement order and damage control. Fire combat is very
dangerous—guns, missiles, and heavy “ship killers” can quickly wreck your ships. Electronic counter
measures, point defense systems, and agility protect your ships from damage.

The game can be played with any models and background. The game comes with fictional background
fluff, which players can ignore, replace, mutilate, or mock at their discretion.

This is what a ship’s data card looks like:

Escort Destroyer

Some of the ship designs by Andy Nelson of Paper Forge games—these come with the rules, shrunk down to small counters: