Badger Games is pleased to announce the release of RavenClaw Miniatures' brand new Green Dragon. This is a huge and fantastic 28mm kit allowing the creation of one of the more iconic role-play and wargame dragons.

This kit comes unassembled. However, it is a simple kit and you do not need to be an engineer to put it together. It is unpainted and the infantryman is for scale only.

Green Dragons are notoriously dishonest troublemakers (no reflection on Badger Games), and this green dragon is ready to plague your town, shire, woods or battlefield with all the mischief (oh, and fire), green dragons are known for.

RavenClaw Miniatures are available exclusively at Badger Games. Badger Games has extended our international shipping promo another month, so it will not require a dragons' treasure horde to get this to you!