Rebel Minis Launches 28mm scale Red Ops 5: Asylum Kickstarter.

Several months ago, Rebel Minis acquired a 28mm pewter Horror miniature line from Comfy Chair Games with one goal. We wanted to create a 28mm scale Horror Skirmish style game and miniature line that fit in the Rebel Minis universe.

To do this, we needed to build a skirmish game that fit in our current world settings and we needed to develop the miniatures that went with the game. As most of you know, we have partnered with Two Hour Wargames on many projects. Two Hour Wargames has created award winning games such as All Things Zombie and 5150 and many more (Hey, Go check them out! ). So it made sense for us to contact Ed @ THW on this new project.

Red Ops 5: Asylum is a fast paced modern horror style skirmish game where players control a gang with the goal of defeating the other gang or gangs. The system is easy to learn and most games will last between 30 mins - 1 hour.

As I said, we acquired the excellent Comfy Chair Games line Horror miniatures. So now, we need to make new molds, clean masters and have them ready to launch with Red Ops 5: Asylum. This is where the bulk of the funding will go. Our goal to have everything from the old line available eventually, but right now are creating “gangs” and focusing on Red Ops 5: Asylum.

There are 7 gangs:

- the Merc-Hunter Gang
- the Men-n-Black Gang
- the Mean Streets Gang
- the Franken Gang
- the Chain Gang
- the Chainsaw Gang
- the Pig-men Gang

We have a lot more info on the actual Kickstarter page HERE


If you have any interest, take a look and please tell your friends. I'll have more updates soon.

Thank you for your support!