We've got another batch of the excellent Red Vectors designs sorted and available on the website now!

First up we've got some Sci-Fi designs in 6mm and 15mm, with some handy ruins and some excellent habitation modules.  The modules are as you might guess, modular, and can be stacked in all manner of configurations.  The tops come out of these as well, to allow you to furnish the internals as well.

Secondly we've got a selection of buildings suitable for North Africa, Afghanistan or the Middle East, this time in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm options.  There's a 4 pack of basic buildings and then a twin pack with a couple of more ornate styles in, plus some market stalls as well!  As with the Sci-Fi modules, the roofs can be removed from all of these to allow you to get inside.

These, along with the other RedVectors designs, can all be found on our new website HERE

6mm Sci-Fi
RED-6S-01    Habitation modules (x4)   £16.00
RED-6S-02    Ruined buildings (x4)   £7.00

15mm Sci-Fi
RED-15S-01    Habitation modules (x5)   £27.00
RED-15S-02    Ruined buildings (x4)   £12.00

15mm Afghan/African
RED-15A-01    Afghan/African Buildings, Set A (x4)   £14.00
RED-15A-02    Afghan/African Buildings, Set B (x2)   £10.00
RED-15A-03    Market Stalls (x8)   £3.00

20mm Afghan/African
RED-20A-01    Afghan/African Buildings, Set A (x4)   £18.00
RED-20A-02    Afghan/African Buildings, Set B (x2)   £15.00
RED-20A-03    Market Stalls (x8)   £3.00

28mm Afghan/African
RED-28A-01    Afghan/African Buildings, Set A (x4)   £28.00
RED-28A-02    Afghan/African Buildings, Set B (x2)   £25.00
RED-28A-03    Market Stalls (x8)   £3.00

And a pics to tempt you in!

RED-6S-02 - 6mm Ruined buildings

RED-15S-01 - 15mm Habitation Modules

RED-15A-03 - 15mm Market Stalls

RED-20A-01 - 20mm Afghan/African Buildings, Set A

RED-28A-02 - 28mm Afghan/African Buildings, Set B

We've got some more to come soon as well, right after we get done with Salute!