Remastered Charlemagne Aeronef

Today sees the release of our remastered French Charlemagne Aeronef models. There are three slightly different hull types and three superstructures, so in keeping with French naval building practices of the time, no two ships are quite the same ! Altogether, with the different hulls, superstructures and armament layouts, we reckon there are 48 slightly different models that could be created.

Sneaking into the corner of one of the photos is an Austro-Hungarian Novara class Heavy Destroyer, obviously on a diplomatic assignment. This model is also available today, as are packs of the new Charlemagne turrets.

VAN-401 – Charlemagne Battlecruiser – £8.00 GBP
VAN-711 – Novara Heavy Destroyer – £2.00 GBP
VAN-7044 – French Single Heavy Turrets (x10) – £1.50 GBP
VAN-7045 – French Double Heavy Turrets (x10) – £1.50 GBP