The last year has seen a steady decline in sales of the resin items.

In the last few months the cost of shipping to the USA has increased by such a factor that almost all sales to the USA have stopped.
The majority of resin sales come from the USA.
This has had a massive impact on the business.

I have been deciding what to do about the resin side of the business for a while, the moulds take up a lot of space as does the vacuum chamber and resin bottles etc.

So it is with some regret that the resin range is no longer available.
I have removed them from the shop area of the site.

The pages are still online with buttons, but are hidden.
IF you do stumble across the resin pages, please be aware that no sales of resin items will be honoured and a full refund will be made.

For now the figures are still very much available and can be found in their usual home.