Murawski Miniatures are pleased to announce the release of the eagerly awaited command figures for our campaign / Retreat from Moscow range.

There are 6 figures in a set, 3 of which are cast open handed, allowing them to be equipped with a musket, halberd, or eagle.

There are also 2 drummers.

We are also going to throw in the middle figure (see picture above) for “free” whilst stocks last as the sword didn’t come out properly! We don’t really know why but you can use him as is or trim the sword off.

Retreat from Moscow Command pack : 6 figures – £9.50

We are also pleased to announce that the officer casualty figure is now available.

He can be acquired 3 ways! (How about that for customer focus?):

1. £2 plus shipping

2. FOC with orders over £50

3. As part of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw casualty pack for £5

To place an order please see the ordering section of our website, or feel free to email at: [email protected]

Please note: Free shipping on all orders over £100.