We’re having a few ongoing issues with our PayPal account at the moment – don’t worry, we can still receive payments so the website is open and we’re still processing and shipping orders. But we decided not to put out our new release last week because of this, and we’ll hold off until things are back to normal (which should be within a few days). This also affected us with respect to shipping, so some orders from last week were delayed – apologies if you were affected by this, all outstanding orders up to the end of Sunday have now shipped.

We have some more show news – the Joy of Six show run by Peter Berry of Baccus is returning this year, on Sunday July 3rd at Sheffield Hallam University. This, as the title suggests, is a show dedicated to 6mm gaming, and has been running for a number of years before a Covid-enforced break. All being well, we should be back there again with our full 6mm range of vehicles, figures and buildings, plus the 1/300th scale Squadron Commander fighters. We also take the full 2mm scenery range (we’ve seen a number of very effective 6mm games that use smaller scale scenery) plus the 10mm buildings range.