Sally 4th will be attending Vapnartak on Sunday 4th February 2018 at York Racecourse.

We will be bringing the following lines with us:

• Terra-Blocks including Starter Sets, Tomb, Dungeon, Fothrington Hall, Shopping Mall and scatter terrain.
• 28mm Photo-realistic Normandy and Modern British Range
• 28mm Siege Equipment
• Clear Bases, MDF Bases, Textured Bases and Movement Trays
• Warchest – Figure Storage and Display
• 28mm Road system with interlocking ‘jigsaw’ connectors to prevent in-game drift
• Combat Patrol – WW2 Skirmish Rules
• Pulp Alley – Pulp Adventure rules, scenario books, cards and accessories
• Statuesque Miniatures Pulp Alley Figures and spare heads and weapon packs.
• Sloppy Jalopy Interwar and Cold War Vehicles & Miniatures
• Mike Bravo Cold War / Winter of ’79 Miniatures Range
• May ’40 Miniatures 28mm WW2 Dutch Range
• Otherworld Miniatures
• Pulp Figures
• Lucid Eye Savage Worlds / Ice Age / Plot Device

If you would like to pre-order anything from these ranges (or indeed any of the other products we manufacture or distribute), to collect at either show, we have set up ‘Collect at Derby’ as a ‘free postage’ option to use when you check out.
Ann & I look forward to seeing you at the show.

Check out our full range HERE