Today, we have released the first four sets of Sally 4th Pulp Alley Character Cards
These cards are published by Sally 4th for use with Pulp Alley.
Cards are professionally printed in full colour on top quality 350g card stock.

The idea of the range is to increase the number of ready to play character resources available for Pulp Alley.
Each pack of character cards is based on a box set or blister pack of miniatures and contains two cards for each miniatures so that you can choose to field Col Sir John Ripperton from the Rugged Heroes of the Empire pack, for example as either a leader or a sidekick.

If the packs are popular, we have many, many more packs planned. I have four packs in the pipeline for next month, but am always happy to take requests for packs based on any of the miniatures that we supply, (currently Pulp Figures, Thrilling Adventures, Copplestone, Warlord Games, Artizan, Great Escape Games)

First four releases are:

The Shelton Gang based on The Chicago Way Moonshiners RRP £4.50

Federal Agents based on The Chicago Way Prohibition Agents RRP £4.50

Rugged Sons of the Empire based on Pulp Figures of same name RRP £3.50

Dangerous Dames 2 based on Pulp Figures of the same name RRP £3.50

The top two packs make ideal ready to play leagues for Vice Alley.

We also have combo deals whereby you can purchase the cards and the miniatures together at a 10% discount.

Full details in the Sally 4th Pulp Alley STORE


Chris Abbey