Sally 4th will be attending Vapnartak at York Racecourse on Sunday 3rd February and Hammerhead on Saturday 2nd March at Newark Showground.
We will be bringing the following lines with us:

• Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures
• Albedo Miniatures 28mm Anthropomorphic Sci-Fi Miniatures, vehicles and ‘Critter Conversion Kits’.
• Terra-Former – Terrain tile making kits & Lukes Apps Terrain making products
• Terra-Blocks including Exotic Locations, Starter Sets, Tomb, Dungeon, Fothrington Hall, Shopping Mall and scatter terrain.
• 28mm Photo-realistic Normandy and Modern British Range
• 28mm Modern ‘Wild Geese’ Prison, Barracks & Airport
• 28mm Siege Equipment
• Clear Bases, MDF Bases, Textured Bases and Movement Trays
• Really Useful Box Inserts & Warchests – Figure Storage and Display
• 28mm Road system with interlocking ‘jigsaw’ connectors to prevent in-game drift
• Combat Patrol – WW2 Skirmish Rules
• Pulp Alley – Pulp Adventure rules, scenario books, cards and accessories
• Statuesque Miniatures Pulp Alley Figures and spare heads and weapon packs.
• Sloppy Jalopy Interwar and Cold War Vehicles & Miniatures
• Otherworld Miniatures
• Pulp Figures
• Lucid Eye Savage Worlds / Ice Age / Plot Device / Red Book of the Elf King

If you would like to pre-order anything from these ranges (or indeed any of the other products we manufacture or distribute), to collect at either show, we have set up ‘Collect at Vapnartak / Hammerhead’ as a ‘free postage’ option to use when you check out. The new Albedo Miniatures in particular are proving very popular, so although we will have a good stock of them with us we would advise pre-ordering to avoid disappointment.
Sally 4th is the official show stockist for Lucid Eye. We will have their complete product range with us.
Ann & I look forward to seeing you at the show.

Check out our full range HERE