Since the 1970's I've been a big fan of the 1970's action movie, 'The Wild Geese' so as a model maker and gamer it seemed only natural to put together a set of gaming terrain for playing out the key scenarios from the movie. Earlier in the year we spent several days watching the movie in great detail, freeze framing and taking screen shots to come up with a plan for the prison / barrack block.

At this year’s Partizan Wargames show we put on a ‘The Wild Geese’ participation game using prototypes of the buildings. The game was very well received.

Since then we have had lots of inquiries about making the building kits available, which we are now doing via this kick starter campaign. All of the kits are constructed from sturdy 3mm MDF for walls and thinner 2mm MDF for roofs, floors, doors and window frames. Construction is very straight forward. Sheets of embossed plastic ‘corrugated metal’ sheeting are supplied with each building to be cut into squares to be glued on to roof sections. All roofs are removable and buildings have interior partitions where applicable.


Chris Abbey.