ILR Blue Wind Special Purpose Forces Team. RRP £44
12 x multipart metal 28mm miniatures, plastic slotta bases & unit data card
Operation BLUE WIND was a long running reconnaissance operation, based deep in ConFed territory. The troopers selected for this mission became a special breed, known for their resilience, ruthlessness and independent thought. Because they specialised in raiding and short-term missions, these squads were typically heavily armed and well led.

A BLUE WIND team consists of 12 critters, formed as an infantry squad, and always commanded by an officer, and often broken down into two fire teams. The second team is led by a sergeant, and often operates independently. Both teams have a two critter LMG crew, and the remaining three members of the squad are armed with a sniper rifle, rifle/grenade launcher combination, and normal rifle - this trooper is usually a medic in the second team and a communications specialist in the first team.
Unusually for the Republicans, these teams often wear camouflaged clothing appropriate to the area that they are operating in as they attempt to blend in with their surroundings during long reconnaissance patrols or sneak attacks.

HomeGuard Airmobile Squad RRP £30

8 x multipart metal 28mm miniatures, plastic slotta bases & unit data card
After Beii, many HomeGuard commanders saw the value of airmobile troops in defending their own worlds, but lacking the funds to operate massive Aerodyne fleets, adopted other methods. These mainly included the relatively cheap Enchawah EC 37 LARC series of rotorcraft. Airmobile troops are equipped with the LAKW 1-30 Carbine.
The LAKW 1-30 was a new assault weapon designed to replace the PMKW 2-18. Firing the new L30 round in a cut down 1-56 mechanism, the 1-30 was capable of single shot, three round burst or fully automatic fire, and was designed for flexibility in use. It featured a retractable stock, 30 round magazine and a very modern computer assisted reflex sight, which also enhanced aiming of the optional underslung 40mm grenade launcher.

ILR Sniper (Kneeling) RRP £5
Pack contains 1 x ILR Sniper armed with AW 1915 Sniper Rifle

ConFed Sniper (kneeling) RRP £5
Pack contains 1 x ConFed Sniper armed with CKW 1-56 Sniper Rifle

March New Releases
• Female Civilian Pack – 3 Figures £12
• EDF Airmobile Infantry, Carbine – 3 Figures £12
• Confed Airmobile Infantry, Carbine – 3 Figures £12
• EDF Heavy Infantry Reinforcements, Dachshund – 3 Figures £12
• Head Pack: Dachshund, EDF Helmet – 5 heads £4
• Head Pack: Dachshund, bareheaded – 5 heads £4
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The miniature range has been digitally sculpted and the figures are supplied as multi-piece metal castings to allow a wide variety of troop type to be depicted. The miniatures have been designed to overcome many of the problems associated with multi-piece metal castings. Heads are cast with a neck that finishes in a pin that locates in a hole in the body; where possible pairs of arms are cast as a pair holding a weapon with pins at tops of arms that locate in to holes in shoulders. This ensures that components align perfectly and are easy to glue together. Figures supplied with 25mm plastic slotta-base.


Chris Abbey