Shiny Games has had a large restock of MDF building kits from Knights of Dice in Australia. This includes some of our most popular lines, such as Tabula Rasa and Sandport Hydra.

Tabula Rasa is a range of basic building shells with minimal detail. They're designed for modellers to add their own detail and modifications as they wish - or use them plain if they prefer. Tabula Rasa includes desert buildings, apartment complexes, medieval village buildings and gothic ruins.

For the first time, we also have the Tabula Rasa desert buildings in 15mm scale. You can get the bundle of all six 15mm designs for under £50.

Sandport Hydra includes the kinds of buildings you might see on a sci-fi desert world. The first series is a mix of desert-style structures. The second series are prefabricated military-style buildings you're as likely to find on a small forest moon as in the desert.

There are some pretty amazing places to park your starship too!

Check out our full Knights of Dice range in the webstore, including Sentry City Old Town, Chinatown, the Waterfront and much more. And if there's a Knights of Dice kit we don't have, we can get it in stock for you, just let us know.