Cigar Box Battle is at it again with a new type of gaming mat. Their brand new satin mats are being Kickstarted with double-sided printing giving you two mat designs for just $99 USD.

Adrian weighs in on the classic teddy bear fur mat by Killing Fields Terrain (KFT). The Wargaming Company (also a sponsor of Wargaming Recon) is the North American distributor of their mats. Thanks to The Wargaming Company for providing the mat to us to review.

Both chaps review Cigar Box Battle's new satin mat material. It replaces their previous plush mats (short teddy bear fur). The satin material is one of the most luxurious and soft mats on the market. It has many benefits over their old material. Thanks to Cigar Box Battle for providing us with this new mat to review.

At last the MDF terrain segment has a name. We share results from the naming poll. The segment is now called the Lumber Mill and it is sponsored by Things From The Basement. We'll rate and cover MDF terrain kits, discuss tips and tricks for building them, and warn you of pitfalls to avoid.

This time Jonathan asks you to learn from his mistakes when you build & paint the Yamashiro Mountain Fort Wall set designed and sold by Things From the Basement. Subassemblies are very important. Don't follow instructions blindly and try using spray paints to basecoat your kits prior to building the entire kit. The Small A/C Unit & Vents kit from their Industrial range is highlighted for its unique design and construction.

This episode was recorded LIVE at the Maker's Game Fair 2019. Thanks to Dave Valentine and everyone who made that event possible.

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