Welcome to the world of Dungeons & Lasers, a complete universe of table top terrain! This set includes everything you need to assemble a multi-room sci-fi environment on your gaming table.

You want to explore top-secret labs, military star base, or abandoned space shuttle? It's all possible with this multi-configurable set. You can mix and match various sets, as everything is compatible with everything in Dungeons & Lasers.

Buckle up! You are going on a journey at the edge of the galaxy!
Box Contains:
• 6x Long Floor
• 9x Floor
• 8x Long wall
• 15x Wall
• 4x Doorway
• 40x floor clips
• 44x wall clips
• 64x Pins
• 26x vertical clips
• 64x customization bits
All models come unpainted and unassembled.