We've recently released a range of German Sd Kfz 250 halftracks.

12 different variants are available:
250/1 Standard troop carrier
250/2 Cable layer
250/3 Radio vehicle with bedstead aerial
250/4 Observer
250/5 Command
250/6 Ammo carrier
250/7 Mortar carrier
250/8 with short barrelled 7.5cm howitzer
250/8 with 5cm Pak 38
250/9 Recce with 2cm autocannon in turret
250/10 Reconnaissance platoon leader's variant with 3.7cm Pak 36
250/11 With a 2.8cm sPzB 41 AT rifle
All models except the 250/8 can be ordered with either the Alt or Neu body shape.

6mm is £0.70 (not all versions available)
12mm is £2.25
15mm is £3.30
20mm is £6.00
28mm is £13.00

The models are available in most scales.