Send in the Clowns…There ought to be Clowns…Don't bother, they're here…

Are your near future battles not odd enough? Could your post Apocalyptic games stand to be a little more weird?? Is there just not enough creepy factor in your end-of-the-world role-play scenarios???

Well, if you have an itch, Badger Games has your Kitsch!!!

Badger Games LLC is pleased to announce Pontoonier Miniatures' latest addition to their 28mm end of the world, post apocalyptic "Not So Distant Future" range. These are just the latest figures for this incredible, ever-increasing range. Heck, at 21 figures, these will not even be the last of the clowns.

Take a look at the complete "Not So Distant Future" range, including the clowns, under Pontoonier Miniatures on our site!