Hello All, yes its been a long time but I'm still alive...
As you have probably noticed I've not been trading at shows this year. This has at lot to do with logistics and the fact that my partially trained Orangutan has moved to the West Country.
I will be attending Derby next weekend, Selwg and Crisis but not in a Trading capacity. However I will be able to bring any pre orders to these shows to save you the postage. Also I've set up my 10% pre order discount for these shows just to sweeten the deal. Thus if you put in the discount codes DERBY2017, SELWG2017 or CRISIS2017 that would give you a 10% discount for orders to be collected at the respective shows only.
These finish at midnight on the Thursday prior to the shows for Derby and SELWG and the Wednesday for Crisis.
For Derby any pre orders could be collected from the Sgts Mess stand.