Hello all, as some of you know Scotia bought the Resin range from SHQ when Peter unfortunately had to retire due to poor health, this was about 2 years ago on our side, the owner has had family issues then there was the pandemic etc etc, but you may have noticed there has been a lot of resin scenery releases of late, this is because we are looking at our back catalogue of releases and we have gone "bloody ell" there's a lot of stuff.
So we have decided to release a item a weekday from across our ranges fantasy/sci-fi/historical and 6mm-15mm-28mm, there will be blocks of stuff you will have seen the release of the Werner Kloch sculpted classic civvies (formerly the drum/mayhem)
but recently we have been re-releasing the fantasy/historical resins (again the Drum Mayhem) they look like a good fit because they were sculpted by the same person who did most of our resins Peter Flannery.

Starting from HERE and (at present) finishing HERE