We are delighted to announce we have entered into a new partnership with Siege Works Studios.

Siege Works Studios write and publish sets of wargames rules, and this new agreement has North Star printing and distributing them.

The first rules we've printed are Grand Battles Napoleon and the army list, Napoleon's Grande Armee.

I'll pass you over to Siege Works Studio's Drew for more information:

The Napoleonic wars began in the ashes of revolution, regicide and the new French Republic and ended with the exile of an Emperor.

We here at Siege Works Studios are excited about partnering up with North Star Military Figures to bring you guys a whole range of wargames and supplements, beginning with our first release through North Star of our Napoleonic wargame Grand Battles Napoleon.

Grand Battles Napoleon is a strategic wargame where you as the General are responsible for a Napoleonic corps. The smallest tactical units are regiments of infantry, regiments of cavalry, and artillery batteries. Players move these units in formations, called divisions, across the games table using a unique initiative system.

A turn is not You-Go-I-Go. Instead, players activate divisions based on a modified D6 roll. The winner acts or forces his opponent to act.
This continues round by round until all divisions on both sides have had a chance to act.

Games are incredibly fluid, with each player in the game always each turn, acting or reacting out of turn to the opponent's troops or rolling for initiative to activate more troops.

Games can be played in any scale from 6mm through to 28mm, and charts are available for each scale. Books will be available through North Star and all good games shops globally. We have a very active and well-supported Facebook page with loads of free downloads. You can also find free downloads at the North Star website as well.

Always feel free to ask any questions on our Grand Battles Napoleon Facebook page, or send them to our email address.

Our staff are always happy to answer games questions and help with list building, how to run tournaments or campaigns using our rules, and any other questions about our games, playtest groups, and future releases.