1/56th Scale (28mm) Chieftain Main Battle Tank from Sloppy Jalopy

We are pleased to announce the long awaited arrival of the Chieftain kit from Sloppy Jalopy. Designed by Ian Crouch and acquired by Sloppy Jalopy when they brought the Chieftain line.

The kit contains detailed resin hull, tracks and turret castings together with white metal components.

The model retails at £28 and is available from Sally 4th and Sloppy Jalopy Mail order.

Sally 4th is Sloppy Jalopy’s show agent so we will have the Chieftain as well as the complete range of Interwar and Cold War vehicles and figures with us around the shows.

The next shows that we will be attending is ROBIN on Sunday 12th February and Hammerhead on Saturday 4th March,  where you will be able to take a look at the painted model in our display case.

The next two models to be released by Sloppy Jalopy are the T62 and T72 kits.

We have written a detailed assembly / painting guide for the Chieftain kit which is available HERE




Chris Abbey