SOTCW Journal 93 now out

The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers is happy to announce that Journal 93 has been sent to members. The print versions have been posted, and the PDF versions are available to download as usual. Join the SOTCW HERE


Spanish Civil War TO and Es. Part 3 – The CTV (the Littorio and Arrow Divisions)
Meet The Members. Will McNally
West Front! Soviet Plans to pre-empt 'Operation Barbarossa'
Modern Spearhead. An opinion piece by Robin Sutton
W(h)ither the Journal – Part 2. The proposal from the team
Damour. Syria 1941
Alternative Afghan Armour and Artillery
Red and Gray – Part Five – The Kuban. Eastern front scenarios for Spearhead 41-43
Simple Modern Infantry Rules. For the Solo Gamer
Bookshelf. Reviews of books, magazines and sets of rules
Little Warriors. Reviews of figures and animals
The Armoury. Reviews of vehicles, kits and equipment
Rob's Rearguard