We are happy to announce that we have taken over the line of spray varnishes formerly sold by Figures in Comfort. These 400ml cans come in Quick Dry Matt and Deluxe Matt types, plus a Gloss Varnish. These are all produced by HMG paints to guarantee a quality product.

Sadly these cannot be shipped currently, so they are only available at the shows for the time being. We are investigating shipping options though, so hopefully we'll have some good news there soon.

These are all on our website here and we'll have them with us at all of the upcoming shows. We can also arrange for them to be brought to Crisis for our European customers.

Gloss Varnish
400ml can of gloss varnish which produces a durable high gloss finish.

Deluxe Matt Varnish
400ml can of deluxe matt varnish which gives one of the flattest matt finishes available on the market.

Quick Dry Matt Varnish
400ml can of quick dry matt varnish which is touch dry 10-20 minutes after application depending on drying conditions. The finish is not as matt as our Deluxe Matt Varnish and dries with a subtle 'silk' sheen.

All priced at £9.95!