The Spring Sale!

Many HONOUR products have sold out overseas and the high cost of shipping has made retailers in Britain, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere reluctant to restock. But like Old Forwards riding to Waterloo... help is on the way!

The Spring Sale: through the end of April

We are now selling directly anywhere in the world:

The Maurice book for $20.  And the cards for $12. (That's 42% off the complete set (!) A bargain suitable for gauche bourgeois merchants, surely not refined aristocrats.)

The Longstreet book or PDF for $20. (47% off the book! Even secessionists can afford this.)

Longstreet cards are almost sold out. We have a few sets left for $24 and then they will be available later in April via Print-on-Demand. So if you want the original card set in the nice printed hard box, act quickly!