Well if bad things come in three, Covid19 was the third one in our 2020, so we’re expecting the rest of the year to get a lot better.

The plan for this year includes some internal reorganization to make the production processes a lot smoother and adding more figures to the existing ranges. Sean Judd, the original sculptor of the Trident and Vanguard ranges, has already created some new masters this year and is currently working away on more new figures to expand the existing ranges.

The AWI range will get extra French infantry figures this year, and an officer figure for the Queens Rangers Highland company. Longer term we will be adding Hessian artillery crews and the forces of Spain in the New World.

The French and Indian Wars range will initially get new Colonial Militia figures suitable for the likes of the Virginia Regiment, the Pennsylvania Regiment and the New Jersey Blues. The figures will be in shortened coats suitable for bush fighting.
Longer term we will be looking at adding extra figures to cover the European theatres of the Seven Years War.

We have long term plans to expand the medieval range. Expanding the range for the western theatres into subsequent time periods and providing Baltic, Middle Eastern and Spanish figures to act as Crusade period opponents.

We hope you are all safe and taking care of yourselves.

Onward and upward for 2020 for all of us!