Conqueror Models
Conqueror Models announce the availability of the Tesla Coil Gun - Steam Tank to its range of Alternate WWI Steam Tanks and accessories which are designed for 15mm-18mm gaming, in particular useful for games like AQOTMF.

Steam Tank – Tesla Coil Gun
Based on the British MKIV World War I tank this is an alternate version using Steam power.

The Turbine engine to generate the Tesla charge has been “containerised” (its a thing with any army they cannot help but containerise everything!) in an armoured trailer. This helps protect the generator from enemy attacks, the generator is isolated with the inside of the trailer coated with 1/2″ of ceramic, with good old fashioned steel providing the outer protection. Two large heavily insulated cables connect the generator to the Tesla Coil gun on the rapidly converted Mobile Howitzer Tank

Excellent fields of fire are possible as the Tesla coil gun is post mounted as there is no recoil when fired.

Price: £8.50. All models are supplied unpainted.

This variant also has the added protection of an HMG turret mount.