Good Morning! Just a brief update about a couple of things.

The Bad Squiddo line of ladies has been having some stock issues, basically brought on by good things - you awesome folk buying too many! Of course, there isn't a "too many". I have currently just started with two extra casting companies who should be able to get us all back fully stocked and on track to more greatness! It's been difficult sorting this over the summer as it feels like everybody I've been trying to contact has been on holiday!

I have a huge pile of amazing new figures I want to release, but I am waiting until everything is back and those orders are fullfilled before I get them out (sensibly!), so as soon as Operation Back On Track is complete, we can start Operation New Shiny Excellence.
SOVIET LMG! They are coming! They are the priority and being shipped out today for a production mould, so fingers crossed available very soon!

NEW WEBSITE! Finally! The wheels are spinning for a new website. In around 2-3 months we should see a brand new shiny website. The postage will change - it will be weight based so overseas will go up on certain items, though I will still keep it as low as I can. No more "have you clicked the pound thing", and all the usual features you get already from everyone else! It will just be much much better, easier to find the things you want and overall smoother.
Right, I have a bucketload of things to get on with, cheers!

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