New Releases available
Quite a few new releases are now available and what a varied bunch they are!

For the British we have a new Marine figure advancing and the long awaited Marine drummer. In addition there are a couple of pioneer figures who look well up for any task.
For the French there are dismounted French Dragoons and Compagnie Franchges de la Marine. The Marines will be great additions for the Sugar Islands and for Canada ( some variants will appear later in Canadian equipment, clothing)
A French dragoon horse holder has been made but the horses are quite ready.
There's also the first of what will be a small range of Generic Officers and ADC's first up is a chap in overcoat both mounted and dismounted with his telescope. A horse for the dismounted Officer will be appearing soon.
In addition here's a brief overview of where I hope to take us by Christmas.
Richard Ansell is being very productive and is focusing on figures for the Sugar Islands and Charles Grant's forthcoming publication on small scale actions of the Seven Years War - so Maroons and more French Light troops shortly.

Andy Stadden tragically lost his wife at the end of May, but he is making a return to sculpting and I expect to see the Saxons completed before year end - Uhlans etc.

On the digital front the Prussians have been reworked and look way better - they are currently being recast and will be in the shop soon. I am also seriously looking at making these available in 40mm and possibly 18mm and 20mm on a cast to order basis.

As always thank you for your support and any questions please get in touch.
More to come.