With Magic unleashed, entire battalions of spellcasters arrive on the field to wreak destruction and mischief, raise protective bastions around allies and disintegrate formations in spectacular blasts. While arcane pyrotechnics may not be such big news (I mean, we already have tactical warheads and singularity cannons), the versatility of magic brings tactics to a whole new level.

TWB system encourages combining spells and skills to gain advantage where the enemy might not expect it. Specialize your spellcasters or increase their repertoire, add new effects to familiar spells.

Rust + Pyromancer = Smelt armour (on the wearer)
Force Arrow + Ice Mage + Replicate Spell = Torrent of ice shards
Force Bolt + Storm Caster + Replicate Spell = Chain lightning

A new set of magic skills allows to turn virtually any model into a spellcaster or build exactly the character you want to represent you in roleplay. Show the enemies a true nightmare on Elm Street by combining Sleep and Nightmare spells with Pyromancer skill and watching them die trapped in horrible visions, while burns and blisters cover their bodies.

A few more example builds:

Battle Mage + Fear + Beam of Light + Command = Gandalf style wizard
Battle Mage + Storm Caster + Force Ray (Sustained Lightning) + Hold = Sith Lord
Telekinesis + Barrier + Gravity = Mass Effect style psionic
Blood Mage + Weakness + Corpse Bomb + Raise Dead = Diablo 2 style necromancer
Spellslinger + Force Arrow + Paralyze = Hogwarts wizard

TWB is on par with any roleplaying game when it comes to the list of options available to your characters, but don't forget that all of it works nice and smooth when entire armies clash in a wargaming apocalypse. Attach spellcasters to mixed formations or field them in regiments of their own, create powerful warriors with a magic trick or two up their sleeves, experiment, and enjoy the freedom of TWB.

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