Hello, fellow gamers and miniature collectors.

In this update, I made a lot of minor additions to the troop profiles, but most importantly revisited the magic system to make it much more player-friendly and fun to use. From this day on you choose your spell deck not for each and every wizard but for the entire army, and any model with Spellpower can act as the executor of any spell. Spells cost Strategic Points and allow you to add extra flavour to your force.

For example, you choose Restoration, Cleanse, Divine Might and Holy Bolt for your knightly order, and you have multiple units with Spellpower in its ranks: priests, paladins, zealots (carrying a holy ark spellcaster engine), and to top it off an archangel. Any of them can cast each spell from the army's repertoire, but the effectiveness will vary depending on how powerful the casting model is.

I have just mentioned a Spellcaster Engine, which is a new addition along with magic artillery, which you can find in the attached table following this link. Now you can bring in those frickin' lasers along with a bronze age army, not to mention powerful contraptions that amplify your units' spellcasting potential manyfold.

With this update my Patrons also get a couple of new great artworks featuring characters from the TWB background: the Paranormal Division Lt., who can mind-control an enemy general or stop a man's heart with his ritual knife from one hundred paces despite the three-foot-thick bunker wall; and the Spellslinger - a practitioner of battle magic, specializing in ambidextrous trick casting and lightning-fast draws.

Besides all things magical, the rumbling of heavy gears, crackling of electrical discharges and the smell of exhaust draw ever closer as the next update will bring the army lists and points for the industrial age. Enter heavy guns and steam walkers. See you all next time.