Each update of TWB brought something unique, like real-time concept, game physics, off-the-table combat. What do we have this time? More weapons than in skirmish-oriented Mordheim, with much more gameplay difference between them than in role-playing D&D, and... all of this works on apocalyptic scale as well as in duels and small skirmishes. Not to mention that it's just a small portion of the planned equipment-based content dedicated to settings from prehistoric to medieval. There is a lot more where that came from.


What's even more important - you can finally try it out for yourselves as I've put together an alpha version of builds and points system for the said periods. This is something I would really appreciate your feedback on. Follow the link. Go ahead and experiment with those, build your own unique characters.

I've also done some minor but important revisions throughout the entire book and compiled them into a single page for your convenience. You can check those online and download the pdf version.

Last but not least, you can see the examples of new graphics for the book. This is the quality level I've set for the visuals in TWB, and with luck the person I've signed up for this job will stay on the team to help bring you a fat folio packed with lots of lush full-colour pages. This largely depends on your active support of the project.

TWB is an independent start-up with the purpose to expand the potential of miniature games, make them more available, unite players collecting miniatures from different game systems as well as those that don't have their official rulebooks. I hope this will greatly encourage individual designers and sculptors to create miniatures they like, knowing that every unique model is playable and demanded, make them more competitive and in the end benefit us all. I wrote all this because we've just passed an important milestone. What will happen next? The book will continue to evolve, new content will be added, layout will improve and issues fixed. I hope all of you will stay with us on this journey, and I will do my best. Thank you.