It with heavy heart that I have to announce that as of the 1st of September 2014, TAG will have to end our policy of free shipping on all orders world wide.

We have for the last 11 years sent every item to our customers at our expense, wherever they were in the world, and however large or small their purchase.

I know from our customer feedback that it has been a very popular policy, but unfortunately the increased cost in postage prices, and restrictions on sizes, have pushed this costs on smaller orders beyond what we can possible continue to stand. On larger orders this is not an issue, but on some smaller orders, we have been losing money.

So, from the start of September this year the shipping policy will change.

There will be, for the first time a minimum order level, at £6.50, this is the price of one basic infantry pack, but above the price of a single weapon or equipment pack.

Over £6.50, but below £52.00, shipping cost will be calculated for weight and destination, and added to the cost of the order.

We will be able to offer a range of shipping options, allowing the customer to choose an option which suits them.

Over £52.00, we will continue to offer free postage worldwide.

Sorry to have to do this, it has been a tough decision, and quite a long time coming.

Hopefully next week I will have news that will lighten the mood, with big news about the TAG website, and some new miniatures to show-off.