My new wargames site, Crom's Anvil is online!
It is not yet fully built, and in truth nor will it ever be as products will always be added, but also and more unusually for a webstore, game reports will always be added.

Crom's Anvil came about as I decided to try something other than 6mm sci-fi for my gaming pleasure.
I plumped on 15mm fantasy and started buying various figures from here and there to populate my world.
I figured that rather than buying buildings I would make my own.
I then figured that I may as well cast them up and sell them too!
So came about the idea for Crom's Anvil.

It is a site that will chronicle my 15mm fantasy games and will also sell some of the terrain and scenery that features in those games.
It is a kind of blog/aar/webstore rolled into one.

Right now it is live and has a few products.
Oh yeah, the way you buy products its a bit different too, rather than the traditional catalogue style that everyone uses, myself for Angel Barracks too, I have gone for a more gaming orientated approach.

Anyway, go have a look and keep it bookmarked for new products and the start of the Chronicles!!

The village of Simurgh - a product page

Some of the buildings you can buy

The Heroes of the Chronicles

Crom’s Anvil - Where Games of Legend are Forged!

Michael , Angel Barracks