Tabletop Wargames Builder is an ongoing project of a free rulebook designed to unite all miniatures and settings, drawing bridges between worlds and parallel universes for the purpose of ultimate gaming.

The idea is to be able to answer every gamer’s needs: skirmish or epic battles, strategy or roleplaying combat, with a single unified set of rules that will offer as much detail to each aspect as any specialized product out there.

By default you’ll need only this one book to play tabletop battles with most of the world’s popular characters. Elves, Orcs, undead, space troops, cyborgs, mutants, you name them. If you’ve ever ventured into the depths of forgotten dungeons, on these pages you’ll find rules for lots of creatures you’ve encountered, as well as your trusty allies: clerics, rogues, paladins and so on.

The project is heavily illustrated and sees regular updates available online free of charge. With your support the finished book with lots of original content and full-colour pages will see the world as a free downloadable edition – a gift for all players sharing our hobby.

You can always read the latest chapter on my project page:

So please stay with us, check for new chapters, leave comments and share the news.