Tiny Terrain Models have been busy developing a range of 28mm metal miniatures designed for gamers playing modern period skirmish wargames.

Whilst there are already a number of excellent miniature manufactures covering this period, Craig Thomson who runs Tiny Terrain models, felt that a number of specialist support troops and mission specific Special Forces miniatures were missing from the market. By focussing on producing Special Forces and Support troops such as medics, JTAC controllers and drone operators, Craig hopes to give gamers the miniatures needed to play a wider variety of objective based scenarios.

Tiny Terrain Models first release, known as the "Medic Pack", features a special forces medic holding a drop, a casualty on stretcher and a detailed medic bag, and is now available for Pre-Order. Sculpted by industry stalwart Phil Lewis, the miniatures are sized to match with other manufacturers ranges of modern miniatures to provide maximum flexibility.

The "Medic Pack" is available to pre-order directly from tinyter[email protected] and is priced at £8.00.