Welcome to The Wargames Website.

The Wargames Website is run by us; Editor Mike and Editor Sam. We are a UK based couple that are into gaming and we are aiming for The Wargames Website to offer a combined news feed and forum.

The site is in its infancy at the moment as was only placed live on 27th July 2014. As such please bear with us as we work through any bugs that may occur in the first few months. The high level of demand for an alternative to other wargaming sites has lead up to bringing our launch date forward and this may mean there are a few more issues than we (or you) would like.

If you spot any issues please let us know as soon as possible by emailing: [email protected]

So what are we offering?

  • A wargaming site ‘edited’ in UK times which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • A wargaming site that is run, edited and moderated by people with a genuine interest in the subjects discussed.
  • A wargaming site that makes sharing your love of the hobby easy and fun.
  • A wargaming site that makes it easy for traders and manufacturers to get their news out to the wargaming community.
  • A wargaming site that is safe to use for all ages of gamer.
  • A wargaming site that respects all opinions (even if we do not all agree all of the time).
  • A wargaming site that respects all people.

We adhere to Wheaton’s Law and we expect you to do the same!

Abusive conduct, discrimination and bullying etc are not allowed. Anyone found to be trolling or purposefully ruining the experience for other users may well be banned.

We would also like to keep swearing to a minimum so check out the forum rules available at the top of each board. We encourage expressive writing and freedom of speech but we would like to ensure the site is family friendly.

So what can you do on the site?

As a Standard Member you can of course read the news, comment on forum topics and news items, start your own topics in the forums, share your latest work and solicit opinion on anything related to gaming,

If you choose to go that one step further you can become a Sponsoring Member of The Wargames Website. A small monthly fee paid will enable us keep the site running and will grant you access to areas of the site and forum that non sponsoring members can’t access. This includes the Magazine section which is where we will be posting articles.

Traders and Manufacturers can join as Trader Members and as such will have access to the super-secret Traders section of the website. This level of membership includes additional forum boards and the ability to submit news stories.

Check out the Account Options here: Membership Options

Plans for the future.

When the site grows we want to hire an editor outside of the UK (perhaps in the USA or Australia) to enable us to offer more round the clock support.

We will develop a private messaging function for Sponsoring and Trader Members to make the experience even better.

The ability for Traders to directly manage your own advertising by uploading your own banners and accessing your stats in real time.

And more…. we are open to suggestions so let us know what we could do better, more or at all!

So.. that is us. We hope you enjoy using the site and please tell your friends all about us. (You know, your wargaming friends, not the ones who think the hobby is totally weird. They will not care.)