Talk Wargaming Services Now Available

Are You A Tabletop Gaming Company?

Tired of how difficult it is to get your news/advertising across in this industry as you have to jump through hoops in placing your news/advertising individually at many different avenues (websites, forums, magazines, etc) with no understanding of your return for what you expensively paid for and very little options in regards to how many places you can actually go to distribute your news / advertising in the first place?

I know we get it as we’ve also dealt with it, and that’s why we formed a solution.

The Talk Wargaming Newswire

We’ll distribute your company news throughout our own website, social media, Talk Wargaming Network (Follow the links below for more details on the TWG Network) and numerous third party media outlets such as websites, forums, social media pages, podcasts, etc that’ll be seen by thousands of gamers around the globe all for the one price of $59.99.

If you never put news through us yet your first one is FREE to try it out!

Types Of News We Distribute:

Product / Service Updates
New Releases Of Services / Products
Important News Consumers Need To Know About Your Company (Strategic Updates, Promotions, Events, KickStarter Promotions, Teasers, Previews, Etc)

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