Review: Late Napoleonic Line Infantry, Perry Miniatures vs. Warlord Games
By: Battle Brush Studio (A Part Of Talk Wargaming Network)

Today I will compare two kits which couldn't be more similar. Both of them are (predominantly) plastic kits, both covering exactly the same topic: later Napoleonic French line infantry, 1812-1815.

It has been a while since my last comparative review. The first one, in which I took a close look at Black Tree Design's metal and Warlord Games' plastic WW2 Soviet infantry, went over really well and I hope that this article will be as positively received. I have got a box of each here and assembled and painted a good portion of models from each box. Neither box was sent to me for free, I bought them both.

Usually I would review one of the boxes after another and then compare them. In this case the two sets cover exactly the same topic, so I review them in a simultaneous fashion and by category.

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