One of the things I like about my Burning Sands games, apart from the greatness of the models and rules (ahem) is the accessorising I can do.
To me the accessories which whilst superfluous to the actual game play, add so much to the experience.

I have acquired a number of bespoke items to make my games feel that bit more heroic and epic.
Hand carved bone dice, bespoke made wolf teeth, an exotic dice box, Feng Shui coins, hand bound leather book from my adventures in Egypt.
But nothing quite tops it off like the official Burning Sands Hero Tray!

There are two options, the plain and simple standard resin version.
The Deluxe True Hero Version, which comes painted and lined with luxurious Eastern red velvet* as seen above.


*It may actually be felt, and by may, I mean it is actually felt.