The next event will be Colours in Newbury on 12th September. If you'd like to pre order anything for collection, let me know.
I only have a weeny stall this time (booked back when I just had bags!) but on the plus, I think it's by the entrance!

Good things to pre order are - SAGA, 4ground, plastic box sets.
If there is a female miniature or two you have your heart set on, give me a shout first so I can make sure it's in stock. Shieldmaidens are currently having stock issues so it's unlikely there will be any of those, though there will be lots of orcs and Boudicca packs.
With the shieldmaidens I am mostly fulfilling orders that have been taken and then they will be in metal. By Derby Worlds it should all be sorted!

Dice bags I, ironically won't have many of, as the hands are STILL terrible, so I just have a slowly depleting stock, so get in there quick for the best chance of me having what you want.
So ramble aside, if you want to pre order, just do it through the site and I'll refund the postage and bring along on the day.

Who's going to be there?