Welcome to The Drowned Earth: Kickstarter coming soon!

Set in the Alternative Sci Fi setting of Ulaya, The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game is a skirmish scale tabletop wargame for two persons. Played out on a 3x3 board and requiring 5-15 models per side, The Drowned Earth describes itself as a game full of dynamic movement and cinematic moments: The sort of game which really tells a story as you're playing it.

The game launches on Kickstarter on April 16th, with four factions, from a faction of adventurer archaeologists to a group of slave breaking Bounty Hunters. Ulaya is a tropical world full of ancient ruins and terrifying predators, where civilisation has begun to re-establish itself after an extended dark age.

Impressively, the first two factions have actually been cast in metal, and they really are excellent quality! The second two factions can be seen as digital renders only, and there have been hints that some other models are in the pipeline as well; models of a scaly and sharp toothed variety!

Considering the game is showing heavy influences from The Lost World, Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and other such pulp favourites, we can only imagine the possibilities moving forward!

The Beta Rulebook is available for free, and the creators have said that a PDF rulebook will always be available for free online, but one of the Kickstarter stretch goals is an A4 format rulebook with lots of illustrations and fluff. It appears as though this is a very fully fleshed out and realised world, and so it'd be great to see some more detailed background material in the rulebook itself.

Why not check it out and visit The Drowned Earth Kickstarter?