Welcome to Battle Pack 1, hopefully the first of many gaming booklets from Nordic Weasel Games.

The idea of the Battle Pack is to act as a regular (6-12 times a year) release, providing new gaming material for a range of NWG game titles and even some brand new content.

This inaugural issue has:

New rules options for all FiveCore games.

Fire team rules and new options for specialists in Company Commander.

Friction dice for FiveCore skirmish

Gun ratings, troop characteristics and more for 1939-40 Blitzkrieg games, using any FiveCore level of play.

Campaign traits, weapon mods and even a bit of fluff for Clash on the Fringe.

Raid/skirmish modifications for the In Sight system.

A resolution table and a ww2/modern Platoon generator for any wargame system.

And a complete, 10 page "Lunch game" for futuristic power armour action!