HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers, let's hope it brings an end to Covid!

New releases this month have been limited to finishing off the Carlist War range with new Peseteros in Mounted and Dismounted roles, together with their respective commands, plus Generals for both Carlist and Cristino forces. As far as we are concerned, that is it, the range is finished. Rules dedicated to the period will be out sometime later in the year.

The new masters for the Kings African Rifles are now in and have been moulded, together with 4 new artillery pieces, including the 15 pounder. This one in particular was not only used in Africa, but also by the Canadians in 1915 and Territorial formations in 1914 and 1915.
These will all be released in February, as will the Italian M11/39 and CV33/5.
'Yellow Ribbon' rules for the American West have also now been completed and are available to download.

The Schutztruppe for Africa should be completed soon, together with WW2 French Cavalry and Motorcyclists for GRCA and GRDI roles should also be here soon, together with the Command and Observation vehicles for 21Pz in 1944.

Keep your heads down and keep safe, and – go explore!!
Chas and Geoff.