The Red Book of the Elf King game, written by Rick Priestley (author of Warhammer, WH40K, Bolt Action and many more) allows you to fight battles between powerful Elven Thanes, Lords of the Circles of the Fae Kingdoms of Eas, fell warriors and creatures of sorcerous might.

​Each player controls a warband, known as a circle. A circle consists of a Thane of the Fae Kingdoms and the Thane’s warband of valiant elven companions. The game is played between two opposing circles but can potentially be played between multiple circles as well.

Published by Lucid Eye, Red Book of the Elf King is released at the end of May.

16 pre-order deals are available until the end of May with significant discounts on rules, miniatures and accessories.




Sally 4th carry's the full range of Lucid Eye products and has many painted examples in our display cabinet at shows. The next shows we are attending are Hammerhead, Carronade and Partizan.


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