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This innovative new board game from Neal Reid will be released in late September by Vexillia.
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The Somme Campaign is a two player game of generalship at army level during World War I. Players take on the role of the famous field commanders Haig and von Falkenhayn & Ludendorff. It begins on day two of the major British offensive on the Somme on July 2, 1916. The game last ten turns with each turn representing two weeks of the historical campaign which ended in November 1916.

In the game your army will degrade each turn unless you do something to maintain it. At the same time you will be forced to balance conflicting demands: do you maintain the strength of your front line or do you spend time training your troops in new tactics and ways of war.

The Somme Campaign is a race against time. Can the British break through and capture Bapaume before the onset of winter? Can the German defences hold and stymie the British assault with the perfect counter attack? Can you do better?

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